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Loading JSON Data Into Your Spring Application on Startup

Tutorial teaching you how to load data stored in JSON files into your Spring application on server startup. Spring already provides ways to do this, but I've added some extra special things on top, because why not.

Resolving Git Issues With Git

I've screwed myself into a corner quite a lot with Git, and yet I still love using it. Here's how I resolved some of those sticky situations.

Choosing a Stack

Getting caught up in the latest fad - be it a front-end framework, a new programming language, or something else entirely - is a real struggle that prevents real work from being done.

Do The Job You Love

I almost left my job recently. What follows is the inside scoop from the different interviews, the interesting offers and the final decision.


GitHub has been going through a period of rapid and substantial change recently. This change is likely to disgruntle a large amount of their workforce, while possibly attracting a different type of developer to the company.